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Coconut Stock Terms and Conditions

By choosing to establish a collaborative affiliation with Coconut Stock Corporation or engaging in the acquisition of our offerings, you hereby enter into a legally binding accord predicated upon the ensuing terms and conditions. The delineated provisions herein indicate our unwavering dedication to provide you with best, young, custom-branded, diamond-shaped coconuts, concurrently fostering lucidity and openness within our commercial engagements. We respectfully request your diligent perusal and comprehensive comprehension of the subsequent stipulations, which preside over your formal interaction with Coconut Stock Cooperation.

1. Product

At Coconut Stock Corporation, we specialize in providing fresh, young coconuts sourced from Costa Rican palm trees. These coconuts arrive unopened, ensuring prime quality and offering:

  • Refreshing coconut water and creamy white flesh in every coconut.
  • Natural color and flavor variations, influenced by factors like harvest time and storage conditions.
  • Possible development of a pink hue in coconut water due to the enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO), a natural occurrence.


2. Damaged Product

  • In the unlikely event of product damage during delivery, we guarantee swift replacement. However, do keep in mind that coconuts are perishable items. Please consume older products before newer ones.

3. Storage Guidelines

  • Maintain your coconuts at the temperature of 36°F (2°C) upon receipt. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or room temperature storage.

4. Delivery

  • New orders are scheduled for delivery 7 days after we receive essential information.
  • Order our custom-branded coconuts through email, text, or phone.
  • Flexible delivery options ensure prompt service.
  • We cater to locations from south point Key West to north West Palm Beach, including west coast Naples. Orlando, FL is also covered.

5. Packaging

  • Your coconuts arrive in robust cases, individually wrapped for freshness and protection.

6. Logo Design and Customization

  • Logos: Vector .svg format, recommended dimensions: 4″W x 3″H.
  • Add a personal touch with stamped personalized messages.

7. Payment Options

  • Accepted methods: Major credit cards, Zelle, checks.

8.Image Sharing and Usage

  • Customer images may be shared on our social media and website for promotional purposes.
  • We respect your privacy; sensitive information will not be disclosed without consent.
  • Opt-out available if you prefer not to have your images shared.


For any further questions or additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team. We are excited to serve you and provide you with the ultimate choice in custom-branded coconuts!


Thank you for choosing Coconut Stock.



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