Our Story

Serkan Asal

Serkan Asal

CEO - Product
Dilay Avci

Dilay Avci

Finance / CFO Franchise
Seda Hos Bas

Seda Hos Bas

Marketing & Sales
Mesut Gungor

Mesut Gungor


Our story & achievements


Well, the local FL coconuts were falling from the sky and Serkan sees and opportunity to introduce the coconuts to his local cafe as a drink and the customers loved it!


Local coconuts were great but the market was more than a coffee shop so why not the hotels? To cover the demand the Thailand coconuts was a huge hit? So Serkan and his beloved friend and #1 employee Dilay Avci started to introduce custom-branded coconuts all around Miami, FL.


The accounts were growing as well as the market so the franchising opportunity came up why not servicing other areas with the same quality of the product and services!


We all been through some tough times during the pandemic, product shortages high cost shipments but this was an opportunity for Coconut Stock to produces its own coconuts in Costa Rica! Quality assurance , no stock problems , high volume orders and delicious coconuts so the Coconut Stock Costa Rica established!


Meet with our new slogan "Brand in a Nut"! Coconut Stock is going strong with 16 employees just in Miami, 100 + customers and 350+ events and more. Thank you for your support and loyalty to our brand!

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