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Here in Miami, there’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach with a fresh, coconut beverage. This is the philosophy we have here at Coconut Stock, and it’s the philosophy that’s driven our business which is all about providing branded coconuts for sale to businesses, event planners, and others who would take advantage of the deliciousness of branded coconuts. In light of recent circumstances, though, it can be difficult to fully celebrate with the best coconuts in Miami, so we want to make it easier. As a result, we’re now offering ways for our customers to pick up coconuts from our warehouse for their own enjoyment. It’s time to raise a coconut during your next online meeting, or just to enjoy something fresh and fruity. Pickup Order Details We know how delicious our fresh coconuts are, which is why we want to ensure all our regular customers can still have access to these fun and tasty beverages. If you’re interested in picking up coconut orders, then here’s all the information you’ll need to do so. Warehouse address: 2186 NW 26th Ave, Miami, FL 33142 Pickup times at our warehouse are between: 11:00am-5:00pm New service pricing: 1 Box of Coconuts $31.17 2 Boxes of Coconuts $62.04 3 Boxes of Coconuts $92.91 4 boxes of coconuts $123.78 5 boxes of coconuts $154.65 Our coconuts will last you a while and are a tasty way to feel like you’re out on the beach without needing to risk your safety. Staying home and staying safe are important, so it’s time to bring the beach to you instead with coconuts that will send you on a tropical voyage with each sip. All About Our Coconuts for Sale Here at Coconut Stock, we made it our mission to bring forth the best coconuts in Miami. We believe we’re able to achieve this thanks to our fresh coconuts imported from Thailand. In addition to their tropical and flavorful growth, we shave each coconut into a diamond shape. This makes them easy to hold, beautiful to look at, and even enhances the flavor. For us, seeing our regular customers happy and loving the flavor of our Young Thai coconuts is what continues to drive our passion. It’s not just a business but a way of life. Our coconuts are one of the best options for promotional items when it comes to all kinds of events around Miami. Our clientele is constructed of major festivals, corporate events, and big chain hotels across the Miami area, to give you an idea of who’s utilizing these delicious treats. Consider investing in Coconut Stock in the future and celebrating your events with Young Thai coconuts. Contact Us for the Best Coconuts in Miami Whether you’re looking to enjoy some of our delicious Young Thai coconuts now or are interested in having them for future events after our current health pandemic becomes more in control, you can contact us today to learn more about our products. We offer the best coconuts for sale around the Miami area, so don’t miss out on this tasty opportunity.

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